In the sphere of special attention: II European games – check readiness in the region, accelerated the development of the Lida region – natural tasks that must be performed

09:31 / 12.06.2019
How ready are the checkpoints at the border to receive fans? How comfortable will it be for guests to travel on the updated M6 highway? How is the final stage of training athletes of Hrodna region for prestigious competitions and how do volunteers from our region work to help the II European games? This was discussed at the operational meeting in the Executive Committee, which was held by the Chairman of the regional Executive Committee Vladimir Kravtsov.

Comfortable conditions have been created at the border checkpoints for travelers with tickets to the European games. Separate channels are allocated for them to make the border crossing as quick as possible. Special information boards have been installed. Customs officers are assisted by volunteers – students studying customs, with knowledge of foreign languages. In each shift there are professionals who speak English.

For quick and high-quality control posts are equipped with special smart scanners that accurately determine the presence of prohibited items to move across the border. And on the eve of the European games will be the latest inspection and inspection complex, also working on smart technologies. 

In order to meet the guests of the sports forum and border areas. Here, local authorities have done everything to adequately prepare for the meeting of numerous guests. 

The journey along the M6 motorway promises to be pleasant for the fans going to Minsk. The road is already fully open, the movement is in full, as envisaged by the reconstruction project. Arrangement of congresses, installation of a protective grid come to the end.

All our athletes are now at training camps, the last and most important stage of training is being completed. Grodno fans have every reason to count on their victories and medals.

– About each victory of our athletes inhabitants of Grodno region have to know, and not only, it is necessary to tell brightly and beautifully about it in mass media, in all available sources, – the Governor emphasized. – This is our pride and prestige of the region.

Thousands of residents of the region have already purchased tickets for various competitions of the European games. For others, in Grodno, Vaukavysk and Lida will be organized fan zones, where you can cheer for their own, and to communicate, it is interesting to spend time. 
The meeting continued an important topic, which was discussed at the recent meeting of the regional Executive Committee in Lida - a comprehensive plan for the accelerated development of the city and district. Such an order was given by the Head of state in respect of 11 cities of the country with a population of 80 and more than a thousand people, including Lida. 

– The tasks set in different sectors for the development of the Lida district should be among the priorities, – said Vladimir Kravtsov. – This is the development of existing, the creation of new enterprises and jobs, a free economic zone, new projects in the construction, social sphere. Our main goal is a decent life of people, raising its level. Based on this, it is necessary to make plans and carry out tasks.

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